Family worries? Kids driving you crazy?

Another therapy service I can now refer to is for families, parents, who are experiencing parenting difficulties and tension in the household.

Parenting has got to be the most difficult thing, even if your children are angels - and with all the pressures of today's world making children's lives even more difficult to navigate, sometimes an outside, professional perspective with hands on (family or child focused) therapy, help, parenting skills and guidance can really make a positive difference in a short timescale.

If your family life with your children is chaotic, unmanageable or unhappy, if your child is unhappy or anxious and it is affecting his or her mood and education, and inter-relationships with you and siblings, call me to talk this over and I can refer you to my colleague for an assessment and guidance session, who is a trained counsellor and mediator, but also a professional of long standing who works as an approved Social Worker with a specialty in child safeguarding and placements outside of the birth home.  So if it has ever happened, she has seen it and dealt with it.

She is also qualified to write reports or advocate for you or your child in Care or legal proceedings.